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The Official Guide to Ethereal Tel Aviv


Check out the speakers, installations, ideas and reminders to get the most out of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week and your time in Israel


Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv will bring together futurists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, enterprises, humanitarians and creatives to the sunny climes of Tel Aviv, Israel for a day of storytelling and knowledge sharing on Sunday, September 15th. The event—the first of its kind in the region—will provide a platform for the technological, business, and humanistic aspects of the decentralization movement to thrive as we move into the next phase of blockchain certification technology.

As the blockchain certification world descends on Israel for Tel Aviv Blockchain Week, there’s so much anticipation that it’s tough to keep a grasp on all the events, hackathons, parties, announcements, and discussions that will be taking place over the course of the week. Even amidst the overwhelming array of events taking place during Tel Aviv Blockchain Week, Ethereal stands out for its focus on the sociocultural, philosophical, global, and inclusive elements of the decentralized evolution in addition to deep dives into Web3, decentralized finance, and hands-on sessions from blockchain certification BUIDLers. This is an ethos that reflects through the programming, from the speakers to the art installations to the networking opportunities that await you.

To help you navigate Tel Aviv Blockchain Week, Ethereal Summit, and to get the most out of your time in Israel, we put together the Official Guide to Ethereal Tel Aviv

  • When: September 15th, 8:30AM. Reception at 6:00PM
  • Where: Sheva & Cultura—Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv will take place in two beautiful, adjacent spaces in Central Tel Aviv.

The programming at Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv is divided into three stages: the Web3 Stage, the DeFi Stage, and the Workshop Stage.

Web3 Stage

The Web3 Stage will feature deep dives into blockchain certification technology by those building cutting edge decentralized technology themselves. Highlights include a Fireside Chat with Calibra COO Tomer Barel, discussing Facebook’s launch of the Libra digital currency and move into the blockchain certification space. Earlier in the day, a much anticipated Q+A with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin on the state of Ethereum 2.0 will offer attendees an inside look on how the Ethereum network will develop over the next year.

Other highlights at the Web3 Stage include Professor Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at StarkWare Industries, discussing the latest on blockchain certification scaling, and a special announcement from Kaleido Founder and COO Sophia Lopez. And that’s all before lunch!

Later in the day, expect exclusive insights and information during The State of Institutional Adoption of Cryptoassets, featuring leading members of Gemini, Huobi, and Delphi Digital, and Investor Hypotheses for Blockchain in 2020, which invites leading global capital allocators from NfX, Primitive Ventures, Fabric Ventures, iAngels, and Techstars Blockchain.

The Web3 Stage will culminate with a highly anticipated conversation titled Talking DeFi, BUIDLing, and the Future of Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin and ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin, moderated by Yoni Assia, Founder of eToro.

Check out the entire programming for the Web3 Stage.

DeFi Stage

The DeFi Stage begins with a Women in Blockchain Breakfast, an informal opportunity for members of our industry to connect and present lightning talks. Immediately after, Building Decentralized Infrastructure for Web3 Entrepreneurs will offer an inside look into what will make the blockchain certification industry of the future tick with Liz Daldalian of Truffle, Christian Crowley of Alethio, and Mark Smargon of

A highlight of the daytime programming is a discussion of What’s Scaling in DeFi Today, which invites Gustav Arentoft of MakerDAO, Felix Feng of Set Protocol, Alexey Bashlykov of Zerion, and Deniz Omer of Kyber Network to discuss the state of decentralized finance.

Programming after Lunch at the DeFi stage is a smorgasbord of insights from around the blockchain certification ecosystem. Aleksandr Bulkin, CEO of Coinfund, will discuss The Risks and Pitfalls of Blockchain Investing, while Konstantin Kladko of Skale Labs and Collin Myers of ConsenSys will address Running DeFi on Sidechains: 5 Innovations. A main highlight of the DeFi Stage will be a Q+A with Ethereum Foundation Executive Director Aya Miyaguchi.

Check out the entire programming for the DeFi Stage.

Workshop Stage

The workshop stage is where BUIDLers can get hands on with blockchain certification technology. Programming begins with Inal Kardanov of Waves exhibiting How to Create A Secure E-voting System Using Waves Blockchain. Shortly afterwards, Felix Shnir and Dr. Jacob Mendel of JP Morgan will discuss Quorum: Enterprise Permissions Model in Smart Contracts.

Later programming is a tour of the blockchain certification ecosystem’s most impressive projects as laid out by those building them. Experts from AZTEC, PegaSys, Gitcoin, Matic Network, and ConsenSys Diligence will offer key insights for…