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The Bitcoin Activity #68: Paul Sztorc


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Welcome to episode 68 of The Bitcoin Game, I am Rob Mitchell. I launched myself to Paul Sztorc at Bitcoin 2019 and questioned him if he’d be up for an job interview. I was thrilled that he gave me an unqualified “yes.” This ended up being, by much, my longest job interview of the convention, and I respect that Paul was willing to hang out with me for a big chunk of the 2nd working day of the celebration. I really feel like I got to know Paul in this longest episode I’ve released in awhile. Hope you love it!

EPISODE One-way links

Paul Sztorc on Twitter


Bitcoin Hivemind


Connection to Paul’s Bitcoin 2019 Panel

Paul Sztorc talks about Sidechains, Drivechain, and Liquid on Let’s Communicate Bitcoin site/put up/allows-talk-bitcoin-377-sidechains-drivechains-and-the-apple-retailer

Is everything we eat linked with cancer? A systematic cookbook assessment.

Bill Nordhaus and women/william-d-nordhaus

Buzzfeed’s Intrade Write-up enterprise-of-betting-on-actual-lifetime

Howard Dean’s Yell

Election Betting Odds



My episode with Adam Back again focusing on Liquid (we talk about Paul Sztorc at 50:47)


The Wisdom of Crowds

My 2015 Job interview with Joey Krug (starts off at 32:40) site/publish/the-bitcoin-activity-15-fun-interviews-at-the-texas-bitcoin-convention-kickoff-party


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