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Blockchain Certification

Qtum Completes 1st Atomic Swap With Bitcoin on Mainnet


Qtum, a blockchain certification platform that merges the power of Bitcoin’s blockchain certification with the Ethereum Virtual Machine to develop decentralized programs, has concluded its 1st atomic swap with Bitcoin on mainnet.

This is a major, initial action for atomic swaps, a characteristic that makes it possible for for on-chain exchanges, or transactions, among cryptocurrencies on two independent blockchain certifications without the need of the want to depend on a third party. For Bitcoin, this is a big move ahead in allowing interoperability among other blockchain certifications and alone in a trustless way.

Atomic swaps are not an fully new feature, as Bitcoin Magazine has reported on a Lightning Community ERC-20 swap with bitcoin just a couple months in the past.

In accordance to Qtum’s weblog write-up, the major option that can make atomic cross-chain swaps probable is Hash Time-Locked Contracts, or HTLC. In a quick summary, HTLC essentially locks up the money in a transaction for more than enough time so that the two blockchain certifications are in a position to verify the transfer of resources on their personal (through block confirmations) and presents each get-togethers time to claim their cash. If more than enough time passes the place a single side has not claimed their resources, almost everything is returned back again to the primary parties.

The total process of the atomic swap is explained in the blog write-up as follows:

  • Alice initiates a transaction on Qtum which is made up of a time-locked deal and transfers QTUM to Bob.
  • Bob audits the transaction.
  • If the transaction is accepted, Bob participates in a related transaction on Bitcoin which pays BTC to Alice.
  • Alice audits the transaction.
  • If the transaction is authorized, Alice redeems BTC from it.
  • Bob extracts a magic formula from the redeeming transaction.
  • Bob redeems QTUM from the original transaction.
  • If the time specified in the time lock is achieved and Bob has not redeemed the token, Alice can refund the token.

In the previous calendar year, Qtum has built sizeable leaps ahead in creating its blockchain certification for bigger adoption and interoperability as perfectly. Atomic swaps are just the future action.They are also a vital, subsequent-action characteristic for interoperability with the Lightning Community.

Why Are Atomic Swaps Crucial?

Atomic swaps remedy a significant problem in cryptocurrency, which is the lack of ability to specifically exchange two distinct kinds of currencies with each other without the need of owning to depend on a trusted 3rd party like an trade or corporation.

In a existing case in point, let us say Alice wants to obtain a digital collectible from Bob, and there is no way to trade in particular person. If Alice wants to ship money to Bob for a collectible, Bob could very easily obtain the cash and not deliver the collectible in return. Also, the reverse could materialize, exactly where Bob sends the collectible initially and Alice in no way sends the money in trade.

The challenge in the current case in point is the issue of believe in. When believe in is factored into the hazard of exchanging things on-line, it gets a great deal much more risky. Atomic swaps are a resolution to this difficulty, as described above, since they let funds to be exchanged concerning get-togethers devoid of getting to depend on everything but mathematics to make certain the process has been accomplished smoothly.