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Personal branding and how Is Social Mining Helping You With That


Personal branding in the cryptocurrency world is everything. In this very young space where reputation is everything, everyone has to work on their very own brand. When building your brand, you are most often forced to work for free sacrificing a lot of your time. I am not saying that it’s a mistake, but what if I told you that there is a way to brand yourself, earn money and get the exposure you need at the same time.

What is social mininig?

Social mining is the idea that users that help build an open-source cryptocurrency ecosystem should be rewarded in its native currency. It is essentially a plugin solution for any blockchain certification to help it to become a decentralized autonomous organization. 

Social mining is built on the principle that any users can upload and describe the work that they have done for the ecosystem, which is then validated by other community members who are incentivized to do so.

Thanks to social mining people can now display their skill set that they can provide to the ecosystem and get a payment (workdrop) for doing so.

1. Do what you love and what you are best at

People will not remember you if you are average at content writing, design, developing and marketing. Why should they? It’s more likely that they remember people that are mastering their abilities in a particular field.You should focus on one field or others would tell find your niche.

What do you love? What is making you happy and fulfilled? Those are very important questions. If you don’t know yet, it’s never too late to try all those things and start to master the one you enjoy the most.It’s the same in social mining. I personally went through youtube videos, memes, review writing, researching, etc…

To finally find my niche.

2. Push yourself and don’t let your ego to take over

Perhaps this is the difference-maker. This often separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. If you are starting there will be downvotes, criticisms and maybe sometimes sniggering. Yes, sometimes maybe you fell that you’ve done a good job, that those downvotes have no covering, but remember people are not only downvoting because the content is bad. In social mining, the downvotes are also used as a balance.

If a post A and B got the same amount of upvotes, but if someone thinks that a post A took much more work, he can slightly downvote post B to put it on its true value.I saw many examples of people leaving SM because they were thinking that they are the best.

Their ego was too high to receive criticisms and downvotes. But thankfully I saw some people transforming from average or bad users to very good ones. Mastering their abilities and right now they are very well branded among the community.

3. Work together with other social miners and try to be a leader

Let say that you are a good designer, but you don’t have enough reach with your designs and the ecosystem is benefiting not so much from your work. Here is where you should take some steps of action. Social mining is full of influencers and people that would use your designs.

It’s in everyone’s incentive to connect such people together. So you can make a design specially for influencers and they can show it to the world.


Nick V. (Harmony digital marketer) – was doing a public “Social mining strategy talk for November” with the community. He needed an infographic for his event. Why should he hire a 3rd party person? That would charge stupid money? if there is a guy in a harmony social mining community who is doing great design and thanks to his great designs and his great self-branding.

So this was made by the great community member + he uploads it into the social mining to show his proof of value and he got rewarded.

But it doesn’t end there. Nick had a great event with the community and after the event, he posted a PoV from his side as well.

As you can see the design actually brought real value to the ecosystem. Since thanks to it, more people attend the event.

This is just a simple example of how it should work. It can be even more complex. The designer is making design for a content writer after this content writer is sending his article to an influencer who is sharing and promoting it. The best part is that everyone is getting a reward payment.

How to upload PoV?

It’s super easy if your value is based on reach, you can every month or bi-weekly upload an activity where you will bring down all your PoV all the statics and hard facts that you can provide. Giving big stakeholders even more confident that you are the one to upvote since you are bringing the real value backed by numbers

4. Everything you do do it with 100% drive and determination

Some even say that enthusiasm is even more important than a great skillset. There might be a little bit of truth in that. As I am talking from my personal experience.Whatever you do do it 100% try to impress people with your work ethic and drive. Make them respect you and remember. When they will need to…