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Nouriel Roubini Threatens Lawsuit to “Criminal” Bitcoin Trade


New York University professor and staunch bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini is threatening to sue BitMEX, a international cryptocurrency exchange.

The renowned economist lambasted Arthur Hayes, co-founder & CEO of BitMEX, for releasing a doctored online video of a debate featuring the two. He alleged that Hayes, who owns the legal rights to the footage, neither permitted the organizers of the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei to stream the discussion live nor permitted the viewers to report it. Hayes as an alternative saved the video underneath wraps and tweaked it to healthy a professional-bitcoin narrative prior to issuing it to media. The allegations read:

“Arthus Hayes is the most significant a***ole, jerk, manipulator, and legal in the entire world. He is sending to pick out media a doctored edited highlights video of the debate to make me glance bad reducing off all my points. I will sue them. This is sick felony behavior. Will not move you, coward.”

A Vulgar Standoff

A transcript of the discussion released by Mike Dudas of the Block exposed a instead crude standoff between Roubini and Hayes, whereby both exchanged ‘below-the-pants’ insults. Roubini accused the BitMEX CEO of running a “sick and wrong” cryptocurrency trade that engages in insider investing, avoids regulatory protocols, and tricks unaccredited traders into losing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“These individuals don’t give a shit about everything […] they make dollars off gambling,” Roubini criticized.

In his reaction, Hayes clarified that BitMEX continues to be a regulated system under the guidelines of Seychelles. The CEO criticized Roubini for generating own remarks, including that it is not anything a professor of a trustworthy establishment ought to do on a general public system. Hayes went on responding to Nouriel’s statements whereby he accused BitMEX of bribing the Seychelles authorities to operate their so-named fraud, stating:

“Roubini may well feel that NYAG and NYDFS is the only sport in town, and we need to acquire a** fucking from them. I got out of that problem. I really do not assume all people requirements to stick to the US.”

Post Debate

A day after the discussion, Roubini took Hayes on Twitter for controlling the only recording of the discussion. The economist claimed that he had emerged as a winner, which is why a “coward” Hayes refrained from releasing the entire tape.

“He didn’t let the blockchain certification convention to record our debate or beam it reside,” reported Roubini on July 3. “He controls the only recording of it and will only launch seriously edited “highlights”. I ruined Hayes in the debate and he is hiding. Launch THE TAPE, YOU COWARD!”

BitMEX produced a teaser online video of the debate on Sunday, reflecting on a narrative that showcased Roubini in a alternatively annoying temper and employing the phrase “shitcoins” over and in excess of once more. On the other hand, the movie portrayed Hayes as a far more relaxed participant, throwing absent a few smirks in response to Roubini’s criticism.

The Tangle in Taipei with Arthur Hayes and Nouriel Roubini - The Lineup