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Infographic: An Overview of Compromised Bitcoin Trade Activities


The reason of this infographic is to visualize the dimension of substantial cryptocurrency hacks that have happened in the past as if they all happened nowadays. The hacks involved in this infographic increase over and above exchanges, as there ended up other big entities that skilled cryptocurrency hacks, these types of as marketplaces like Silk Road 2.. All hacks in this infographic are shown as if the price tag of bitcoin was the same when they happened, in order to visualize their magnitudes in relation to just one yet another.

The x-axis exhibits the price tag of bitcoin at the time of the hack. The y-axis shows the quantity dropped in the hack (transformed to BTC for altcoin hacks). The sizing of each hack circle was identified by the price of BTC dropped working with a steady price tag, no matter of the precise value at the time.

It is significant to be aware that several of the exchanges (rendered in environmentally friendly) ended up hacks that did not essentially include bitcoin or exclusively entail bitcoin.

An Overview of Compromised Bitcoin Exchange Events

Mt. Gox

Hack Dates: June 2011, February 2014

Quantity Lost: 790,000+ BTC

In March 2014, Mt. Gox declared individual bankruptcy due to a sequence of hacks and thefts that went unreported for around a few several years, which had been later documented by blockchain certification analyst Kim Nilsson. The final collapse resulted in a crash of Bitcoin in 2014. Below is a summary of all meaningful hacks that occured.

On March 1, 2011, 80,000 BTC were being stolen from Mt. Gox’s incredibly hot wallet, as burglars ended up able to make a copy of the wallet.dat file. In May possibly 2011, hackers stole 300,000 BTC temporarily saved on an off-website wallet, which was on an unsecured, publicly available community generate. However, soon soon after, the thief received nervous and returned the stolen resources with a 1 % (3,000 BTC) “keeper’s rate.” In June 2011, a hacker was equipped to get into Jed McCaleb’s administrator account and manipulate price ranges, quickly crashing the market place. Right after the ordeal was over, the hacker managed to steal 2,000 BTC.

In September 2011, a hacker was ready to get go through-write obtain to Mt. Gox’s database. The hacker made new accounts on the trade, inflated user balances and was equipped to withdraw 77,500 BTC, immediately after which they deleted most of the logs made up of proof of this sort of transactions. In October 2011, a bug in Mark Karpeles’ new wallet software program caused 2,609 BTC to be sent to an unspendable null crucial. The most significant hack happened at some position concerning September and Oct 2011 when a hacker was equipped to get hold of a duplicate of Mt. Gox’s wallet.dat file and stole 630,000 BTC.


Hack Day: March 1, 2012

Volume Misplaced: 43,000 BTC and then an additional 18,457 BTC

World wide web web hosting company Linode’s servers ended up hacked, granting obtain to the bitcoin stored on groundbreaking exchange Bitcoinica. The incidents eventually led to the demise of Bitcoinica.


Hack Date: September 2012

Quantity Lost: 24,000 BTC

BitFloor was compromised when a hacker was in a position to entry unencrypted backups of the exchange’s wallets and transfer out the coins.


  • Hack Day: March 4, 2014
  • Total Missing: 97 BTC
  • In March 2014, Poloniex declared that it has been the target of an assault because of to a formerly unidentified vulnerability in its coding. As a end result, the exchange told all of its clients that it would have their account balances diminished by 12.3 %.


Hack Day: January 2015

Amount Lost: 19,000 BTC

Hackers had been ready to access Bitstamp’s very hot wallet. As a outcome of the theft, Bitstamp started to continue to keep 98 per cent of its bitcoins in chilly storage.


Hack Date: July 2014

Amount of money Dropped: 13,000 BTC

In early 2016, Cryptsy collapsed subsequent the theft of 13,000 BTC (and 30,000 LTC) from customers’ wallets.


Hack Date: August 2016

Amount Lost: 120,000 BTC

Attackers had been ready to exploit a vulnerability in the multisig wallet architecture of Bitfinex and blockchain certification protection corporation BitGo.


Shutdown: January 15, 2019

Amount of money Lost: Roughly $190 million in BTC, ETH and CAD (at time of publication)

The co-founder of QuadrigaCX died on December 9, 2018, allegedly as the only a person with access to the exchange’s keys. Evolving courtroom proceedings have unveiled fund mismanagement and likely fraud on the element of the exchange. This has led to phone calls for increased oversight of exchange operations.

2018’s Cluster of Mishaps in Asia

A cluster of hacks and mismanagement of cash by exchanges in 2018 happened as the consequence of minimal regulation and stability precautions. Therefore, some exchanges were forced to close operations totally although other folks gained fines.

Coincheck (Japan)

Hack Date: January 2018

Quantity Misplaced: 523 million NEM

Coinrail (South Korea)

Hack Day: June 2018

Quantity Missing: $40 million in many cryptocurrencies

On July 15, 2018, Coinrail resumed buying and selling and offered the victims two compensation selections: a gradual refund via the purchase of stolen cryptocurrency or compensation in Coinrail’s RAIL tokens, which could then be transformed into yet another cryptocurrency at an interior amount.

BitHumb (South Korea)

Hack Date: June 2018

Amount Missing: $30 million in numerous…