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Blockchain Certification

EOS Scaling Difficulties and Their Impression on the Blockchain


The EOS blockchain certification appears to be working into sizeable scalability problems that are hindering its skill to securely host decentralised applications on the network. The issue is that the blockchain certification has developed so significantly that only a handful of block producers can manage to retail store the overall issue.

Considering that most dApps join solely to just one of these producers, if they were to go down as a end result of financial or complex troubles, or have been to start performing maliciously, the purposes referencing them would also go down. This sort of clearly centralised factors of failure are certainly a problem for the project likely ahead.

EOS and its 4TB Blockchain Trouble

The EOS blockchain certification has usually been promoted as the fastest blockchain certification in the cryptocurrency place. However, it is getting to be evident that by optimising for velocity in this kind of a way, the reliability and protection of the job could be in question.

Introducing a new block each 50 percent a second has intended that the EOS chain is now over 42 million blocks. This 4TB of whole knowledge is after just 8 months of procedure way too. Look at this to Bitcoin’s blockchain certification, which is at 200GB just after 10 decades, and Ethereum’s, which is 150GB right after 3 months.

To store and reference this kind of an unwieldy blockchain certification is not affordable. This charge has brought on numerous of the block producers that the EOS network relies on to choose out of storing the total chain.

There are seemingly only five block producers now storing the total EOS blockchain certification: EOS Sweden, GreyMass, CryptoLions, EOSTribe, and EOS Canada. Only two of these, in accordance to the Tweet underneath, are utilized to validate blocks much too, given that the other individuals are not deemed to be one of the 21 “top block producers” employed to verify transactions. A lot of of the others dropped out when the chain rapidly grew from 1TB to 2TB at the stop of past calendar year.

The next video clip goes into extra detail about the issue:

Corey Miller, an govt at crypto asset investment decision agency BlockTower Capital, highlighted the scaling concern himself recently:

Perform Remaining Accomplished to Finance Storing the EOS Chain

In accordance to responses to this Tweet and referenced in the EOS Weekly online video earlier mentioned, there is do the job staying carried out to aid divert extra resources to block producers so that they can manage to retail outlet the entire chain.

A person possible option is to charge dApps for referencing the comprehensive blockchain certification historical past. One more is to use an implementation of the sharding technology getting pursued by Ethereum core builders. A ultimate prospective answer referenced by EOS Weekly is to use the shortly-to-be-produced LiquidApps Community. This would entail shifting the accountability for recalling the blockchain certification from the block producers to nodes supporting the further layer. They could then monetise their procedure immediately by means of staking agreements with individuals dApps needing to entry their storage.


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