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ConsenSys INTEL Report — October 11th, 2019


“Democracy matters” –Cornel West

This is the Current market Intel from Oct 11. Feel absolutely free to test out the Oct 17th Market Intel from this 7 days!

Not a crypto story, but in fact a crypto story…It is been a challenging week for Hong Kong and as a result for democracy. I (Mason) find this tale saddening for the reason that I lived there even though I completed my master’s diploma. For context, previously this 7 days Houston Rockets Basic Manager, Daryl Morey tweeted that we should stand for democracy in Hong Kong. The Chinese Basketball Affiliation (led by previous Rocket player Yao Ming) suspended its partnership with the Houston Rockets, Rockets game titles were being blacklisted, the team’s merchandise was removed from merchants, Rocket’s star James Harden issued an apology, and NBA released an formal apology.

Damned if you do…To make matters worse, this 7 days a Hearthstone aggressive gamer, Ng Wai Chung, spoke out in favor of liberty for Hong Kong. His advocacy was achieved by Blizzard — the American company developer of Hearthstone — removing Chung from Hearthstone Grand Masters, rescinding all his prize cash, and furthermore suspending him from qualified play for a person calendar year. Even more, Blizzard fired the staff who carried out the job interview which made Ng Chung’s reviews and for the 1st time ever disabled comments on their discussion board. Clearly, the significant video game developer has a developing organization desire in the Chinese industry as it appears to be to improve its revenues and consumer foundation.

The counterpoint…To remain as objective as probable (which I’m not) it’s well worth noting the other side of the coin. The outcry of aid for Hong Kong and subsequent vocal outrage in opposition to the NBA and Blizzard are easy conclusions for politicians, journalists, and those with no a economic stake in the decision. Both organizations have fiduciary obligations to boost their revenues and earnings and although at the conclusion of the day everybody would adore for corporations to stand for democracy, not all make that option owing to fiscal pressures. To place it another way, if you carry on to engage in Blizzard video games or watch the NBA then you are not definitely using a distinct strategy than these companies, but instead opting for a a lot more silent one.

So is there a option?…In regards to the NBA, it is hard to visualize a solution. In phrases of gaming, could you create a decentralized match that resists this sort of centralization? Perhaps, but it’s possible not. At the conclude of the working day, the people who govern the sport may possibly nevertheless vote in favor of censoring an personal if there is a potent money incentive to do so. Having said that, a decentralized gaming ecosystem may well be ready to make sure that an individual’s prize revenue wasn’t’ taken away or that the censored man or woman could transfer his in-sport property (skins, weapons, and many others) to a further game.


So this is how democracy dies…Hong Kong is certainly an unbelievable city, stuffed with astounding persons from all over the world that generate a special society. The functions of this 7 days explicitly demonstrate the power that money can have on companies. The best way to be certain democracy is valued is to produce programs that price it. Censorship-resistant property like bitcoin and ether are portion of the resolution. I’d urge individuals to assume hard about the situations unfolding in Hong Kong and recall this moment mainly because it will be a defining one particular.

Low-cost meatballs and build-it-oneself tables…IKEA Iceland just participated in a commercial transaction applying Ethereum, sensible contracts, and accredited digital funds to comprehensive an purchase from Nordic Store, a local Icelandic retailer. Despite the fact that I (Zunaira) have by no means lived in Iceland, I identified this tale to be especially noteworthy. It surely brought on a major storm in the blockchain certification news earth, with most headlines referring to the event as the “world’s first” actual transaction employing sensible contracts.

It’s excellent, grand, and superb: the world’s to start with and only…Tradeshift, a supply chain management firm, offered the platform to carry out the transaction using Monerium, the programmable digital hard cash of selection. The “smart invoice” performs to problem tokens that symbolize long run dollars stream down to the exact dollar amount of money on the bill. Token holders get paid out on due date.


Let’s go dwell, people…Monerium and Tradeshift groups assert that the use of programmable digital dollars and Ethereum wise contracts to settle the “world’s first” actual, digital dollars transaction is a signal that this technological innovation is completely ready for significant-scale, professional use.

DISCLAIMER: Both equally Mason and I check out to be absolutely objective (which, with no a question, we are not) but just to make confident we are covering our bases below you all ought to know that ConsenSys-backs Monerium, the programmable digital income that was utilized by Tradeshift to handle the invoice settlement.

“In Libra we rely on, in Fb we don’t”…30 different blockchain certification providers that were originally aspect of Facebook’s notorious crypto nonprofit engage in, Libra, are preparing…