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Blockchain Certification

Blockchain, all more than your encounter


We try very challenging to take the world of blockchain certification critically, and to continue to be open up-minded to the idea that amid the myriad downright idiotic concepts out there, there may be anything, somewhere, that could just one day verify beneficial in some way.

But these blockchain certification sorts, they do not 50 % make it tough for us. 

Enter the “Blockchain Creme” from Cosmetique Bio Naturelle Suisse (translation: Swiss Natural and organic Normal Cosmetics). We thought it must be a joke when we first listened to about it (through Ed Salazar on Twitter), but but below it is, being bought on the genuine web:

As you can see, the cost tag is a mere 126.40 euros. Down from 160 euros even though, and with totally free transport! A real cut price. 

Evidently, this “24h regenerating product for skin constructions, suited for all skin styles, counteracts pores and skin degeneration by accelerating the development of new structural proteins, collagen and elestin fibers redensifies the epidermis, provides firmness and compactness, reshapes the facial planes and erases wrinkles and marks of expression”. 

There is also a “blockchain certification serum” from the same company, which you can acquire on German Amazon for just 140 euros: 

But what, pray inform, does this have to do with the blockchain certification, we hear you question? Perfectly it seems to be like this has about as much to do with the blockchain certification as does, say, “blockchain certification start off-up” Digital Asset, or Facebook’s “Libra Blockchain”. ie, it is (apparently) nonetheless seen by some as a great bandwagon to be on to flog a product or service.

We understood some blockchain certification bros ended up a little bit in your encounter we just hadn’t realised they needed to be on your confront way too.